Expos are freely accessible (without a movie ticket!).

Permanent Exhibition


In the Wunderkammer, the history of film is brought to life through various interactive showcases, starting from the Chinese shadow play to the cinematograph of the Lumière brothers.

Through the working mechanisms in each display case, you will discover how important inventions and objects are put together and were applied. Not only magical to watch, but also ideal for learning to understand all the principles that come together in film. A guide with explanations is available at the counter.

Take a look at our object collection.

Past Exhibitions ...

Dec 14, 2023 > May 31, 2024

This winter we're inviting the graphic design studio La Villa Hermosa to revisit the legacy of Corneille Hannoset, the brilliant graphic designer and creator of the former cinema museum.


Jun 6, 2023 > Jun 22, 2023

The Afterimage Reader


Following the example of the publication The Afterimage Reader, and in collaboration with Courtisane, CINEMATEK proposes a cycle of a dozen sessions echoing this "politically and aesthetically revolutionary" periodical.

IMG 0468

May 5, 2023 > May 25, 2023

Lucile Desamory

Posters Lucile Desamory

Cinéaste et artiste pluridisciplinaire, Lucile Desamory propose un cycle de projections à CINEMATEK. Pour accompagner les films choisis, elle a reproduit à la gouache des affiches de films, présentées dans le couloir menant aux salles de projections.


Nov 23, 2022 > Feb 22, 2023

Christian Châtel & Christl Lidl

Brussels Cinemas ‘Augmented’

Vanaf 23.11 kunt u in onze tentoonstellingsruimte de installatie Brussels Cinemas ‘Augmented’ van de beeldende kunstenaars Christian Châtel en Christl Lidl bezichtigen.

Marie Noelle Boutin 17

May 25, 2022 > Jun 20, 2022

The exhibition on Straschek at CINEMATEK gives the possibility to discover his films for the first time in Belgium, as well as films of other 1968 militant filmmakers who were close to him.

Straschek Combo 01

Mar 5, 2022 > Apr 18, 2022

Chantal Vey

Pier Paolo Pasolini

On March 5, 2022, CINEMATEK will celebrate the centenary of Pier Paolo Pasolini, the Italian genius who, with his multifaceted and gigantic oeuvre of films, literature and journalistic work, is still a relevant pedagogue and poet today.

Cvey 16 B IMG 4191 s

Sep 15, 2021 > Feb 27, 2022

One hundred years ago, Jacques Ledoux was born. This autumn, we pay tribute to the man who shaped CINEMATEK to become both an institution that cannot be ignored at the international level and also a place of exchange where, every day, the adventure of the 7th art is carefully exhibited in the widest possible spectrum.

Ledoux Jacques 5 portr

Jun 9, 2021 > Aug 31, 2021

Discover the life and work of Fernand Schirren (1920-2001) through personal objects, film footage and archival documents, including the recently published manuscript "Le pianiste accompagnateur de films muets".

Schirren A3 affiche

Oct 10, 2020 > Oct 24, 2020

Eric de Kuyper

Theatrum Opticum Revived

De tentoonstelling toont vier kijkdozen, Peeping Boxes, van Eric de Kuyper, schrijver, experimenteel filmmaker en kunstcriticus.

Theatrum Opticum main graphc

Mar 14, 2020 > Apr 30, 2020

Floris Vanhoof

The Fluid Computer

Kunstenaar Floris Vanhoof wil stilstaan bij onze collectie media-archeologische objecten in de Wunderkammer. In deze tentoonstelling vult hij de vitrines van de permanente collectie aan met zijn eigen fossielenverzameling, om zo de prehistorie van cinema in perspectief te zien met onze eigen prehistorie.

Floris 6