Over the years, we have contributed to various publications and have also published a number ourselves. These were both publications for a specialist audience as well as for a wider audience.

Below you can find a selection from this diversity of publications.

Research Publications

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All publications of archive staff and external experts in the framework of this project can be found via this link : https://www.imediacities.eu/publications

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An encyclopaedia of Belgian cinema compiled by Marianne Thys on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the medium of film. More information.

General Publications

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75000 FILMS

What does the work behind the scenes in a film archive look like? 75000 FILMS explores this world in a very personal way. More information.

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This box contains 19 Belgian art films and a accompanied book in which art historian Steven Jacobs explains the innovative character of these films in a comprehensible essay. More information.

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BRUSSELs, a city caught on film

The DVD "Brussels filmed city" starts with the first filmed images of the capital, as Alexandre Promio shot them in 1897 by order of the Lumière brothers. Then, some twenty rarely shown films and an accompanying book offer a unique look at the rapid evolution of the city during the 20th century. More Information