Film is alive and constantly evolving. It reflects and questions a certain time and, like other art forms, offers unique keys to study the present and the past. The Royal Film Archive is happy to guide you in your research, whether professionally or as an enthusiast. The archive is also involved in national and international research projects and strives to share the results and insights arising from these with a wide audience. On this page you will find useful tools to start your research and some examples of projects and publications

The Royal Film Archive is happy to help you with all your research questions. In our library you can consult books, magazines and other documentation. Under certain conditions, we can also grant you access to certain elements of the film collection.

To prepare your visit to the archive or to start your research from a distance, you can find a lot of information and tools online.

Research Sources

Are you looking for books, magazines or information on Belgian and international films? To prepare for your visit to the archives, or to start your research remotely, you can already find a lot of information and tools online.


Are you looking for iconographic documents, such as photos or posters or would you need to view some films from our collections for your research, find out here how to request them and get access?

Are you looking for films?

Are you looking for photographs or posters?

If you are looking for different types of documents or archival funds, please contact the documentation center.

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If you have any further questions of need assistance, please get in touch with our Research department