Jacques Ledoux

One hundred years ago, Jacques Ledoux was born. This autumn, we pay tribute to the man who shaped CINEMATEK to become both an institution that cannot be ignored at the international level and also a place of exchange where, every day, the adventure of the 7th art is carefully exhibited in the widest possible spectrum.

As a rigorous archivist and relentless film buff, he built up one of the richest and most diverse collections of films and film related documentation in the world. As an outstanding programmer and organizer of festivals, of exhibitions and of daily screenings at the Film museum (now CINEMATEK), he encouraged both cinephilia and the most personal cinematic vocations.

This exhibition invites you to discover the work of Jacques Ledoux through archive documents and films. It is intended as an ode to the insatiable and diverse curiosity embodied by the man whose life became intertwined with the history of our film library. A series of films will of course be dedicated to Jacques Ledoux throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Free Entry
15.09 2021 > 27.02 2022