Venue rental

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Capacity: 150 persons.

Located in the heart of Brussels, CINEMATEK offers a space for events, conferences and receptions. In addition to its two projection rooms and its Wunderkammer, a permanent exhibition space for its collections, CINEMATEK offers a prestigious setting for your events with a room of nearly 300m2. Accessible and centrally located, the venue is part of the Palais des Beaux-Arts built in 1920 by Victor Horta in Art Deco style.

Rigour, purity and timelessness characterise the design of Victor Horta. In 2009, CINEMATEK was restored by Robbrecht & Daem, in association with Voet Theuns architects, structuring the space according to a modular principle. The set designers drew inspiration from film lighting techniques. Much more than a simple reception hall, this emblematic place will give your events a poetic and historical dimension.  

We will furnish the foyer according to your needs and recommend our preferred catering service.

Screening Rooms

Dedicated to Jacques Ledoux and Joseph Plateau

The two projection rooms, dedicated to Jacques Ledoux and Joseph Plateau, are equipped with film projection techniques for the main formats of sound and silent films and with equipment that provides all the necessary comfort for holding conferences or presentations. Both rooms have been completely renovated in 2021 with sustainable and locally produced seats.


Capacity: 117 seats

This room is equipped with the latest technology in digital projection and therefore allows the organization of various events such as film screenings or conferences.

  • Stereo mini-jack output
  • Wi-fi
  • Lectern and chairs
HDMI / SD VGA 800x600 connection
16mm / 35mm / DCP 2K
  • Mixer (with possibility of sound recording via mini-jack or cinch cable)
  • two wired microphones
  • two tie-pin microphones
  • one wireless microphone
  • Two microphone stands


Capacity : 29 places

This room offers, thanks to its smaller size, a more intimate and warm atmosphere and can, simultaneously with the LEDOUX room, also be used as a "breakout room".

Stereo mini-jack output
Lectern and chairs
16mm / 35mm / Video (HDMI / VGA)
SD VGA 800x600 connection
two wired microphones
two tie-pin microphones
one wireless microphone
two microphone stands