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Baltic Sea Festival
Thu. 27.01 – Thu. 24.02.22

Lithuanian cinema has been shaped – both in its unity and diversity – by the country’s successive political upheavals. Beyond the established reputation of Jonas Mekas and Sharunas Bartas lies a rich legacy of Lithuanian film both past and present.


06.01 > 11.02

Raoul Servais

Discover the full extent of Raoul Servais' artistic genius during a special evening. Visit the free temporary exhibition at the BELvue museum devoted to his work. What better way to immerse yourself in the magic of his realistic worlds?

Choose also one of the two screenings at the Cinematek:

At 7 pm: a selection of his most beautiful short films
At 9 pm: screening of his long feature film Taxandria
It doesn't matter whether you visit the exhibition before or after the screening. In either case, you will certainly be dazzled by his imagination and techniques.


A cinematic approach founded on discipline and dissensus, openness to contingency and investment over time. An approach that does not advocate for the overly determined and pre-ordained, but for cinema as a medium of shared experiences and lasting rewards.


Throughout the year, the permanent history of silent cinema, from the birth of cinema to the advent of speaking. Often with live piano music accompaniment

02.01 > 28.02

Trains & Tracks

The train is a major innovation of 19th century industrialisation that brought Western societies into modernity. Many film pioneers have been inspired by moving and stationary trains. From the birth of cinema, the train has been a prominent subject of interest.

The Lumière Brothers’ pioneering and emblematic film L’Arrivée d’un train en gare de La Ciotat was the perfect embodiment of movement, new realism and framing that would set the stage for much of cinema’s future history.

The film programme will capture various cinematographic approaches to trains and train travel.

Within a retrospective in collaboration with Europalia Trains & Tracks, CINEMATEK will screen classic Westerns such as Once Upon a Time in the West, Alfred Hitchcock’s films noirs like Strangers on a Train, action-packed blockbusters like Runaway Train or Back to the future 3 or Buster Keaton’s silent film The General.