When cinema delves into antiquity, it shares with archaeology the dream of recreating a vanished world by balancing the wholes and the voids, the fragments and the gaps, knowledge and imagination.

Authors of untold stories and creators of images and suggestions that are certainly related to history, but which at the same time are – paradoxically – always new, the archaeologist and the filmmaker aim to bring the past back to life, so that it can continue to inhabit the present and speak to those willing to listen to it.

Time and image, notions at the very heart of the resurrection process implemented by both, archaeology and cinema, will be the protagonists of this symposium. Bringing together specialists in cinema studies and literature as well as archaeologists and historians, this gathering will provide an opportunity to examine the way in which cinema and archaeology alike might succeed in restoring the past through representations and narratives capable of reshaping antiquity’s material traces, sites and characters.