We Have Long Been Silent

Ich denke oft an Hawaii

Elfi Mikesch, Allemagne - Duitsland 1978, Carmen Rossol, Ruth Rossol, Tito Rossol ⁄ couleur - kleur ⁄ 84' ⁄ ST - OND: FR

Elfi Mikesch’s film is an ode to the freedom of imagination. Carmen grew up in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district, but now lives in a housing estate on the edge of the city. Her father, a Puerto Rican soldier, abandoned the family, leaving behind a handful of postcards and his record collection of Caribbean and Hawaiian music. Carmen dreams of becoming a dancer and talks about her life and her dreams. Donning lavish make-up and flamboyant robes, she acts out her fantasies in front of the camera.

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