We Have Long Been Silent

Etwas tut Weh

Recha Jungmann, Allemagne - Duitsland 1980, Anja Burak, Ilona Grundmann, Recha Jungmann ⁄ couleur - kleur ⁄ 72' ⁄ ST - OND: EN

Recha Jungmann reminisces about the small village in the Rhön where she was born, her years of growing up, and her family. Tracing the tracks of her childhood, which she called full of “fears and discord”, in this autobiographically inspired, carefully scripted film that hovers between fiction and documentary, Jungmann "discovers" the story of her long-dead grandfather, who was the only person in the village to oppose the National Socialists. Memories of her family come alive, “I look for them. And I can’t reach them. Something hurts”.

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