On Experimental Cinema and Jeanne Dielman

Patricia Canino & Wouter Hessels

Chantal Akerman’s early films (La Chambre, Hotel Monterey) were influenced by the experimental American cinema of Jonas and Adolfas Mekas, Andy Warhol, Yvonne Rainer and Michael Snow’s Wavelength. At 22 years old, freshly graduated from INSAS, Patricia Canino met Chantal Akerman and Delphine Seyrig during the last edition of EXPRMNTL, also known as the Knokke Experimental Film Festival founded by Jacques Ledoux, in the beginning of 1949. It was there that she was offered the job of editing Jeanne Dielman. Patricia Canino will discuss Akerman’s inspiration drawn from experimental cinema and her close collaboration with Akerman in crafting the masterpiece Jeanne Dielman.


Autour de jeanne dielman3 Jeanne dielman 23 quai du commerce 1080 bruxelles 13 Akerman Autour de jeanne dielman2 JEANNE DIELMAN 15 Large JEANNE DIELMAN 3 Large JEANNE DIELMAN 8 Large Untitled 1 1 2 Large Scan exprmtl 0030 copy Large JEANNE DIELMAN 6 Large Hotel Monterey 10 Fondation Akerman Akerman Autour de jeanne dielman Chantal Akerman 2 JEANNE DIELMAN 10 Large Hotel Monterey 1 Akerman Wavelength JE TU IL ELLE 2 JEANNE DIELMAN 11 Large