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Henri Storck
price 21 €

Henri Storck (Ostend 1907 - Brussels 1999) lived through the whole history of cinema, passing from silent to sound, and from experimental to commercial films. He is recognised as a pioneer of Belgian cinema and a key figure in documentary. In 1944, he starts making documentaries on art. He devotes two films to Paul Delvaux. Together with art critic Paul Haesaerts he makes Rubens, a long exploration - at times didactic, at times lyric - of the world of the great Baroque painter. Its inventiveness was awarded by the first prize for documentary at the Venice film festival in 1949. The Open Window plunges the spectator into the most famous landscapes of Belgian, French, English and Dutch artists. An Artists Reunion dates from 1945, and in 1953 he portrays Flemish writer, intellectual and theatre educationist Herman Teirlinck.

This shop item contains two discs: one DVD and one Blu-ray disc.

The World of Paul Delvaux
1944 / 11 min
An Artists Gathering
1945 / 3 min

1948 / 61 min
The Open Window
1952 / 18 min
Paul Delvaux or the Forbidden Women
1969-1970 / 25 min
Herman Teirlinck
1953 / 51 min

1 DVD + 1 Blu-ray
All regions / 169 min.
French, Dutch, English
Subtitles Dutch, French, English

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Art & Cinema - Henri Storck (DVD + Blu-ray)21 €
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