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(Appointment in Bray) André Delvaux, 1971
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December 1917. Julien, a young man from Luxembourg who lives in Paris, is on his way to Bray at the invitation of his friend Jacques Neuil. At La Fougeraie, a small house in a neglected park, the door is opened by a beautiful young woman with thick black hair. Jacques has not arrived yet... The waiting starts. Julien loses himself in memories of their friendship. When night falls, the young woman reappears. Then he starts to wonder...Who is this woman? How come Jacques has still not arrived? He begins to feel uneasy, even vaguely afraid. In the leading roles: Mathieu Carrière, Roger Van Hool, Anna Karina, Bulle Ogier.

Crew André Delvaux / Screenplay: André Delvaux, based on the short story Le Roi Cophétua by Julien Gracq / Dialogues: André Delvaux / Cinematography: Ghislain Cloquet / Editing: Nicole Berckmans / Music: Frédéric Devreese / Production: Parc Film, ORTF, Studios Arthur Mathonet, Ciné Vog, Taurus Films / Producer: Mag Bodard / © La Nouvelle Imagerie

Cast Anna Karina (Elle), Bulle Ogier (Odile), Mathieu Carrière (Julien), Roger Van Hool (Jacques), Martine Sarcey (Mme Hausmann), Pierre Vernier (Mr Hausmann), Luce Garcia Ville (Mme Nueil), Boby Lapointe, Jean Bouise, Nella Bielski, Pierre Lampe, Jean Aron


Rendez-vous à Bray
André Delvaux
1971 - 85 min

Rendez-vous à Bray
On the Set
1971 - 8 min
Interview with André Delvaux and Anna Karina
1972 - 14 min
Rendez-vous with André Delvaux
Philippe Reynaert
2004 - 23 min

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Rendez-vous à Bray15 €
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