Afterimage No. 13 1987
Animating the Fantastic

Historia Naturae (suita)

color ⁄ 9'

Jan Švankmajer, Tsjechoslovakije - Tchécoslovaquie 1967

Žvahlav / Jabberwocky

color ⁄ 14'

Jan Švankmajer, Tsjechoslovakije - Tchécoslovaquie 1971

Možnosti dialogu / Les Possibilités du dialogue / Dimensions of Dialogue

color ⁄ 11'

Jan Švankmajer, czechoslovakia 1982

Do Pivnice / À la cave / Down to the Cellar

color ⁄ 15'

Jan Švankmajer, czechoslovakia 1983

The Cabinet of Jan Švankmajer

color ⁄ 14'

Keith Griffiths, Stephen Quay, Timothy Quay, united kingdom 1984

Street of Crocodiles

color ⁄ 21' ⁄ ST-OND: FR-NL

Stephen Quay, Timothy Quay, united kingdom 1986, Feliks Stawinski

Rehearsals for Extinct Anatomies

black and white ⁄ 14'

Stephen Quay, Timothy Quay, united kingdom 1988

The final issue of Afterimage turned to a very different tradition of cinema, one rooted in surrealism and the fantastic which fully utilised the potential of animation to create the marvellous or the uncanny. Rich in black humour, Czech Surrealist master Švankmajer’s films astonish with their invention and originality. Brothers Quay pay tribute to him and display their own distinctive vision and ability to conjure the uncanny with their Bruno Schulz-inspired Street of Crocodiles.

Afterimage 13 cover Quay Brothers Historia naturae 1 Svankmajer Street of crocodiles 1 Historia naturae suita 2 Svankmajer Moznosti dialogu 2 Svankmajer Moznosti dialogu 4 Svankmajer Moznosti dialogu 5 Svankmajer Do pivnice 3 Svankmajer Do pivnice 1 Svankmajer DO PIV Do pivnice 2 Svankmajer Do pivnice 4 Svankmajer Do pivnice 5 Svankmajer Street of crocodiles 2 jpg Street of crocodiles 1 Quay Quay Street of Crocodiles 2 Quay Quay Street of Crocodiles 3 Quay Quay Street of Crocodiles 4 Quay Quay Street of Crocodiles 5 Quay Quay