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kleur - couleur ⁄ 118' ⁄ ST - OND: FR

Damiano Damiani, Italië - Italie 1967, Gian Maria Volontè, Klaus Kinski, Martine Beswick

The earliest of the Zapata westerns, Damiano Damiani’s film is also one of the first – and most highly praised – of the more political spaghetti westerns. Concerned with how social injustice can turn Mexican bandits into revolutionaries, the story sees bandit chief El Chuncho enlist the help of an American gringo in a raid on an artillery train in order to supply a rebel general with ammunition in the Mexican revolution. The two become friends, but the gringo is not all he seems, and so begins a tale of loyalty, betrayal and political assassination.

Version restaurée (DCP). / Gerestaureerde versie (DCP).

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