Afterimage No. 2 1970
Avant-Garde Film

Murder Psalm

color ⁄ 17'

Stan Brakhage, united states of america 1981

Hedy The Shoplifter

black and white ⁄ 67'

Andy Warhol, united states of america 1965, Gerard Malanga, Mario Montez, Jack Smith


color ⁄ 12'

Paul Sharits, united states of america 1968

Three strongly contrasting works from some of the major ‘New American Cinema’ filmmakers who made such an impact on the Afterimage editors. Brakhage’s sombre, highly edited film poem is notable for its use of found footage. In the deliriously camp Hedy, underground superstar Mario Montez (as Hedy Lamarr), Ron Tavel’s acid script and Warhol’s wandering camera vie for our attention. Finally, the fierce and ‘structural’ T.O.U.C.H.I.N.G by Sharits.

Murder Psalm Stan Brakhage 4 Murder Psalm Stan Brakhage 1 jpg Murder Psalm Stan Brakhage 3 Murder Psalm Stan Brakhage 2 Hedy The Shoplifter 8 T O U C H I N G Paul Sharits 1968 TOUCHING