Marcel Broodthaers & Cinema ⁄ Poèmes cinématographiques Moving Scripts

Marcel Broodthaers & Cinema: Poèmes cinématographiques, Moving Scripts

Marcel Broodthaers, Universiteit Antwerpen, CINEMATEK, WIELS, Cinea & Marcel Broodthaers Estate, SYMPOSIUM

Welcome by Maria Gilissen-Broodthaers.
Introduction by Raf Wollaert and Steven Jacobs.

The symposium Marcel Broodthaers & Cinema: ‘Poèmes cinématographiques’, Moving Scripts, jointly organized by the University of Antwerp, CINEMATEK, WIELS, Cinea, and Maria Gilissen – Succession Marcel Broodthaers welcomes both a broad audience and connoisseurs. On June 17th, a film program offers the opportunity to get acquainted with some of Broodthaers' well-known and lesser-known titles. On June 17th and 18th, a dozen speakers focus on Broodthaers’ unique film practice, its interaction with the other arts, performative character, literary and poetic affiliations, and socio-cultural context.

Screened films include, among others, La Clef de l’Horloge, A Film by Charles Baudelaire, Berlin oder ein Traum mit Sahne, and La Bataille de Waterloo.

CINEMATEK, Rue Baron Hortastraat 9, Brussels

FRIDAY JUNE 17, 1:00 – 5:00 pm

1:00 PM Welcome
Raf Wollaert (University of Antwerp)
Steven Jacobs (University of Antwerp/Ghent University)Maria Gilissen-Broodthaers
On Movement - Living Picture

Plus Object, a Sculpture and Publication by Nico Dockx and gerlach en koop

Session 1; Chair: TOM PAULUS (University of Antwerp)

1:30 PM Film Screening
Mont des Arts
Magritte & Broodthaers (c.1965-66)

Objet (1967-84)
Signalisation (c.1968)

2:00 PM Keynote Lecture: BRUCE JENKINS (SAIC Chicago, US)
When Words Fail Us: The Cinema of Marcel Broodthaers

2:40 PM Paper: RAF WOLLAERT (University of Antwerp, BE)
“Words shine like diamonds.” Notes on Marcel Broodthaers’ Poetic Principle in Cinema

3:10 PM coffee break

3:30 PM Paper: ANDREW CHESHER (Chelsea College of Arts, GB)
Broodthaers’ Pleasure of the Text: on Une seconde d’éternité

4:00 PM Film Screening
Au delà de cette limite

4:10 PM Paper: GABRIELE MACKERT (Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt, DE)
Au-delà de cette limite. Marcel Broodthaers’ real Borderline Experience

4:40 PM End Day 1

7:00 PM Film Screening, Marcel Broodthaers, ‘Poèmes cinématographiques’

SATURDAY JUNE 18, 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM

9:30 AM Welcome
Raf Wollaert (University of Antwerp)
Steven Jacobs (University of Antwerp/Ghent University)
Plus Object, a sculpture and publication by Nico Dockx and gerlach en koop

Session 2; Chair : Dirk Snauwaert (Wiels, Brussels)
9:40 AM Film Screening
Belgavox - Mode - 20th Century Fox; Charlie als Filmstar; Brüssel Teil II (Section Cinéma)

10:00 AM Paper : JORIS D'HOOGHE (Free University of Brussels)
On M.B's Musée d'Art Moderne, Département des Aigles, Section Cinéma
10:30 AM Paper: XAVIER GARCÍA BARDÓN (ERG Brussels, BE)
Le Corbeau et le Renard in Knokke-le-Zoute. Notes on the Production and the Projection of a Film by Marcel Broodthaers in the Context of EXPRMNTL 4
(December 1967)

11:00 AM coffee break

11:20 AM Film Screening
Le Corbeau et le Renard (1967) [16mm CINEMATEK]
Section Cinéma: Belgavox – Mode – 20th Century Fox; Charlie als Filmstar;
Brüssel Teil II (1971-1972)

11:30 AM Paper: MARIA ELENA MINUTO (ULiège; KU Leuven, BE)
‘The Book Becomes a Film, the Film Becomes a Painting (the screen)’
Marcel Broodthaers and the Cinematic Poems in the 60s and 70s

12:00 PM Lunch break

Session 3; Chair : Bruce Jenkins (SAIC, Chicago)

2:00 PM Film Screening
3 Cartes postales (1972)
Ah que la chasse soit le plaisir des rois (1972)
The Last Voyage (1973-1974)
Eau de Cologne (1974)

2:40 PM Paper: DEBORAH SCHULTZ (Regent’s University London, GB)
Travelling Words

3:10 PM Paper: STEVEN JACOBS (Ghent University/University of Antwerp, BE)
Broodthaers, Bentham, and Pygmalion: Figures of Wax

3:40 PM Keynote Lecture: JENNIFER WILD (University of Chicago, US)
Marcel Broodthaers’ World in Danger

4:20 PM Closing Remarks
Maria Gilissen-Broodthaers

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