Afterimage No. 12 1985
Derek Jarman - Of Angels and Apocalypse

Imagining October

color ⁄ 27'

Derek Jarman, united kingdom 1984, Angus Cook, Peter Doig, Toby Mott


black and white ⁄ 68' ⁄ TIT: EN ⁄ PIANO

Kenneth Macpherson, united kingdom 1930, Paul Robeson, Eslanda Robeson, Bryher, Hilda Doolittle

Jarman exemplified a new direction in British independent filmmaking: a queer cinema, sensual, theatrical. Imagining October, in his textured, slow-motion Super-8 style, is – at the same time – a visual meditation on a trip to Moscow (and Eisenstein’s apartment), and a passionate denunciation of Thatcher’s Britain. The ground-breaking experimental narrative Borderline, which was rediscovered some five decades after its making, depicts the inner state of its characters involved in an inter-racial triangle, and also hints at a homoerotic subtext

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