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During the closure of our museum and screening rooms we offer a discount of 20% * on a selection of documentary DVDs from our catalogue. Order now! ** The discount will appear in the shopping basket.
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* 20% discount on the price without VAT and shipping costs.
** Shipping is guaranteed as long as BPost is operational. Your order should arrive within 2 weeks - if not, do not hesitate to contact us.

Agricultures (19 € 16,10 €)
The continuing mechanisation of agriculture changed the very essence of the craft of farming. A selection of twelve films from 1920-1970 reveals twelve agricultures, each a mirror of their time. From a small-scale rural activity, based on manual work, to an international industrial business.

Antwerp, a city caught on film (19 € 16,10 €)
A unique selection of 22 rarely seen films tells the story of a port and its inhabitants and their encounter with the history of the past century.

Belgian Congo (21 € 17,70 €)
This double DVD offers an insight into colonial reality through the lens of the three most prominent 'colonial filmmakers'. Pioneer Ernest Genval made his first films around 1925. From the late thirties onwards Gérard De Boe built up a singular and yet impressive work. And finally there is André Cauvin's most famous film Bwana Kitoko, a gripping account of King Baudouin's first journey to the black continent in 1955.

Brussels, a city caught on film (19 € 16,10 €)
More than 20 rarely seen films then reconstruct the story of the city in the clutches of the fast-moving 20th century. Dramatic events alternate with colourful news, with comical and poetic moments.

Expo 58 (19 € 16,10 €)
Expo 58 seen through the eyes of film-makers who record their times with the fascination of the contemporary observer.

Expotopia (19 € 16,10 €)
Belgium was well served when it came to world fairs in the twentieth century: as well as Expo 58, there were fairs in Brussels in 1935, in Antwerp and Liège in 1930, in Ghent in 1913 and again in Brussels in 1910. A mixture of futurism, exoticism and traditionalism defined these fairs.

Docks & Dockers (19 € 16,10 €)
Docks & Dockers is a compilation of thirteen films on the six Belgian seaports, as they were put on film by various directors during the past one hundred years. These films tell the story of a metamorphosis, not only of the harbours and ships, but of an entire society.

The Mines (19 € 16,10 €)
Together with broadcasting companies' archives and the main mining heritage organisations CINEMATEK selected 14 films that bring coal mining in Belgium during the previous century to life once again.

Rail (19 € 16,10 €)
On the occasion of the 175th anniversary of the Belgian Railways CINEMATEK published a DVD on the rail history in Belgium, with the precious help of SNCB. Documentaries, newsreels and archive material show the iron way in all its glory.

Sabena (19 € 16,10 €)
Thirteen unique archive films narrate the rise and fall of Sabena, featuring the different facets and periods: the first small-scale civil aviation experiments in Haren, the increasingly longer routes, the fleet in constant evolution, the flights to Belgian Congo, the experiments with the helicopter at the end of the fifties and the coming of jet aircraft, reflecting what has become our faster, more hectic way of life.

Holidays (19 € 16,10 €)
Since 1936 workers can enjoy a number of days of paid holiday. In this publication, ten films plunge the viewer back in the 20th century and show the renewed zest for life of holiday-goers and the ways in which they apprehend this new form of liberty.

Zoologie (19 € 16,10 €)
In collaboration with the Antwerp ZOO and the city event 'Antwerp Animalized', the Royal Belgian Film Archive presents a unique anthology of rarely shown film material from days long gone. The oldest images date from the 1910s. The most recent ones are from 1960. The silent films are accompanied on the piano by Hughes Maréchal.

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Reduced prices on a selection of DVDs
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