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Soft cover photo book on the Royal Belgian Film Archive (CINEMATEK) with pictures by Xavier Harcq, Jimmy Kets and Marie-Françoise Plissart. Essays by David Bordwell (in English), Eric De Kuyper (in Dutch) and Dominique Païni (in French).
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What lies behind the screen of a film archive? Very few had the chance to discover. 75000 FILMS is a very personal voyage into this unknown territory, guided by the photos of Xavier Harcq, Jimmy Kets and Marie-Françoise Plissart and the texts of David Bordwell, Eric de Kuyper and Dominique Païni. Six different points of view into a film archive: the activities, the role, the spaces, the people, the gestures of those who make sure that films - "the stuff dreams are made of" - will live forever.

200 page soft cover book with 80 color photographies.
Introduction by the Curator of the Royal Belgian Film archive Nicola Mazzanti
Text in English by David Bordwell (film historian)
Text in Dutch by Eric De Kuyper (filmmaker, writer, former vice-directorof the Nederlands Filmmuseum)
Text in French by  Dominique Païni (former director of the Cinémathèque française)

Published by YELLOW NOW

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75000 films (International Delivery)30 €