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André Delvaux, 1988
price 15 €

Flanders during the Inquisition and the religious turmoil of the 16th century. Zeno, a doctor and alchemist wanted for his subversive writings, has been wandering about Europe for 20 years under an assumed name. He returns to Bruges, his birthplace, hoping everyone has forgotten him there. But he is a non-conformist at heart. In the peaceful labyrinth-like city, faces from the past return. He rediscovers his identity and thus signs his death warrant. Based on the novel by Marguerite Yourcenar.

L'oeuvre au noir is the first film from a collection entirely devoted to Belgian film maker André Delvaux, containing the films Benvenuta, Femme entre chien et loup, Belle, The Man Who Had His Hair Cut Short and Rendez-vous à Bray. A bonus DVD completes the edition with extras (lesser-known short films and documentaries, together with a portrait of Delvaux). More information

Director: André Delvaux | Screenplay: André Delvaux, based on a novel by Marguerite Yourcenar | Asst. Dir.: Dominique Standaert, Jan Devos | Cinematography by Charles Van Damme | Camera: Walther Vanden Ende, Luc Drion, Ella Van den Hove | Film editing by Albert Jurgenson, Nadine Muse, Jean-Pierre Resnard | Original music by Frédéric Devreese | Production & costume design by Françoise Hardy, Claude Pignot | Production: Philippe Dussart, Films A2, La Nouvelle Imagerie, La Sept Cinéma | Produced by Jean-Claude Batz, Philippe Dussart | Belgium - France | 1988.

Cast : Gian Maria Volonté: Zénon  | Sami Frey: Prieur des Cordeliers | Jacques Lippe: Myers | Anna Karina: Catherine | Philippe Léotard: Henri-Maximilien | Jean Bouise: Campanus | Marie-Christine Barrault: Hilzonde | Marie-France Pisier: Martha | Mathieu Carrière: Pierre de Hamaere | Pierre Dherte: Cyprien | Johan Leysen: Rombaut | Dora van der Groen: Greete | Senne Rouffaer: Le Cocq | Geert Desmet: Han | Michel Poncelet: Josse | Harry Cleven, Roger Van Hool: officers | Jules-Henri Marchant: the bishop | Christian Maillet: Philibert

DVD 108 min
Subtitles Dutch - English
Regional Code PAL / all regions


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L'œuvre au noir15 €
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