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Robbe de Hert (1980)
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Remake of the highly popular 1934 comedy by Jan Vanderheyden and Edith Kiel. The classic novel by Ernest Claes ends up with Robbe De Hert, figurehead of the left-wing filmmakers collective Fugitive Cinema. His version of Whitey from Sichem is a poignant portrayal of the poor living conditions in the Flanders of 1900. Lewie Verheyden gets beaten frequently, and after school he has to work the land for farmer Coene. To escape this bleak reality, he pulls one prank after another, which results in more beating. Literature and a vivid imagination are his way out. Only as long as it lasts though, because every attempt to escape a fate set out in a cruel present heading for a hopeless future can only be futile and senseless.

Feature film 102'

The Whitey from Sichem archives (35')

Short film

19 december (1965) by Louis Celis staring Robbe de Hert.


Whitey from Sichem (2 versions - 1980)
Zware Jongens (1984)
Trouble in Paradise (1989)
Blueberry Hill (1989)
Brylcreem Boulevard (1995)
Gaston's War (1997)

Language Dutch
Subtitles English, Dutch, French
Format 16:9
Frame 1:66
Regional code PAL (region free)
Audio dolby digital 2.0
Disc type dvd 9

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Withey from Sichem (De Witte van Sichem) (SOLD OUT)15 €
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