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Before the arrival of the tractor, the combine harvester and the beet lifters, horsepower really was horse power and many hands made light work. In order to provide every Belgian with his or her daily bread a large number of people were required to work in the field. The continuing mechanisation of agriculture changed the very essence of the craft of farming. A selection of twelve films from 1920-1970 reveals twelve agricultures, each a mirror of their time. From a small-scale rural activity, based on manual work, to an international industrial business. An essay by Bert Woestenborghs reconstructs the evolution of the past one hundred and fifty years.

The Belgian Draught Horse [06:34]
Ernest Genval, 1931-1932
Before the mechanisation of agriculture, the draught horse provided the necessary power needed at the farm. Excerpts from a documentary by Ernest Genval on the internationally acclaimed 'Brabant' draught horse. Music by Hughes Maréchal.

Aspects of Belgian Agriculture [11:59]
André Villers, 1925
Abridged version of a documentary by André Villers presenting the showpieces of Belgian agriculture of the time. Music by Hughes Maréchal.

Introduction to Rural Life of the Future [08:01]
André Villers, 1923
Promotional and educational documentary by André Villers and the students of the agricultural institute of Laeken, showing a day in the life of a modern farmer's wife. Music by Hughes Maréchal.

Rural Life in Tielen [12:40]
Jos Theeuws, 1948
Report by Jos Theeuws on the rural life in Tielen before the era of the machine. The inhabitants of Tielen play themselves. Music by Hughes Maréchal.

Swaying Gold [37:02]
Camille Joset & Arthur Vermuyten, 1939
Medium-length promotional film produced by the Red Cross promoting the consumption of bread via a complex and edifying story.

The Factory in the Field [10:17]
Charles Dekeukeleire, 1945
Documentary by Charles Dekeukeleire which shows outdoor vegetable cultivation in the forties. After harvesting, the peas and asparagus go straight to the canning-factory.

Ideal Family Crop [16:25]
Gaston Vernaillen, 1949
Promotional documentary on the cultivation of the famous Belgian chicory. All the stages, from sowing and harvesting to exportation, are explained.

Yesterday's Harvest, Today's Harvest [06:04]
Prod. Etablissements Léon Claeys, 1952
On the occasion of the launch of a self-propelled combine harvester, the Belgian agricultural machinery manufacturer Claeys makes a comparison between harvesting yesterday and today. Abridged version. Music by Hughes Maréchal.

Machine Demonstration in the Moeren [19:05]
Jef Leyssens, 1954
Report on a large-scale demonstration of beet harvesters in De Moeren. The machine manufacturers shows their latest models.

Withering on Wire [07:25]
Gaston Vernaillen, 1961
Film by Gaston Vernaillen which promotes a simple technique for drying grass on wire. Only wooden beams and wire are needed.

Modern Times [16:58]
compilation 1919-1967
Compilation of excerpts in which new technologies are presented: the first tractors just prior to the twenties, all kinds of machine demonstrations, mostly organised by the Boerenbond (Belgian Farmer's Union), agricultural fairs in Brussels, a spraying helicopter, and so on.

The Innovators [14:46]
Sperry New Holland, 1976
Promotional film from the multinational Sperry New Holland which presents its latest agricultural machinery and views the future with ambition.

Length 166'
Subtitles & navigation English, French, Dutch
Regio code PAL (region free)

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