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Votre don fait vivre le cinéma !
Uw gift brengt film tot leven!




B-magic Research Program

Images have served as important means of communication since long before social media, cinema and PowerPoint Presentations. From the 19th century onwards, the ‘laterna magica’, or ‘magic lantern’, acted as a fascinating and instructive tool.

The magic lantern was used to project transparent images from glass slides onto the walls of theatres, schools and peopleʼs homes. Travelling showmen also put on public lantern shows in marketplaces and at fairgrounds.

B-magic will write the as yet unwritten history of the magic lantern as a mass medium and cultural practice in Belgium. In doing so, it will make an essential contribution to both the study of the country’s cultural history and to international media historiography.


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In the frame of the B-magic Research Program